This series consists of 6 round canvases, each 30 cm in diameter. They (the canvases) have soaked in the scorching sun, they’ve seen the clear blue sea, they’ve heard the seagulls at sunset. They are about eternity and time. About the circle of life. About all the creations by people and nature. They contain everything that worries us at dawn, when we look out at the strip of sea with the rising sun over it, with a beginning of a new day.


2017 — lives in Ghana and Ethiopia, creates the “Africa” series

  • Любовница/ Mistress 40x40 cm


Some women are fierce. They have long, graceful legs like wild panthers and they are aware of it. They know that they will chase their prey, tear it to pieces, and then will languidly enjoy the sunset under the trees’ shade.


To see the beauty, you need to seek it. And having found it, it is worth surrendering to her and to all the feelings that she evokes. There is a doctor who will tell about your body. There is a cook who will feed you. There is an artist who will show and reveal to you your feelings through their own.