The “BODY» series 2018-2019. Paintings, which portray the body. I have always been intrigued by relationships between people — how do we interact with each other, how do we appear (to each other), and what role does the body play in the relationship. How is the spiritual closeness reflected in the physical, and how the physical does not matter. Our body, our consciousness, the space and our self-perception in it, the perception of self-boundaries. It’s not always that the contours correspond to some boundaries. Our relation to the object affects the nature of this borderline, and vice versa, the borderline dictates our conscious perception of the object.



The “Feelings” series is a black and white graphics on cotton. The task was to discern a whole range of feelings and to separately immerse into each one, conveying what a line may look like in this format of 150×200. Tenacity, kindness, joy, confidence, jealousy, disappointment, tolerance, confusion, denial, serenity. The choice of technique and the time spent on it corresponds to the significance of each of these feelings for the artist. The artist’s rationale is to contemplate which feelings demand more of our time and energy. Joint exhibition with Kostya Sha. The Feeling’s conception. December 20, 2014. Location: pro42 studio, Griboedov canal 133a, St. Petersburg

  • Безмятежность/ Serenity 150×200 cm