После всех моих путешествий, я прилетела в Москву. Со мной можно связаться любым представленным ниже способом:

Contact me:

  • Instagram: @nastya.serge
  • +7 925 244 8277 —  в Москве (Moscow, Russia)
  • +7 905 204 4604 —  в Санкт-Петербурге (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)


My work:

My work — to surround you with beauty. It is pleasant to me that it is possible not to limit itself to some one equipment and use  different methods to create. Therefore everything that you see on the website is drawn and made by me. And I can help you to make our world more beautiful.

  • Development and implementation of painting in the interior of a building according to the main concept. (Creating color sketches. Calculation of materials, time and labor. Organization of work, interaction with workers)
  • Designer clothing and accessories. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Organization and holding 2 own exhibitions of my art works. 2014, Saint-Petersburg, Russia  and 2015, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
  • Participation in an exhibition in P.P. Chistyakov’s House-museum. 2011, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
  • Making illustrations for magazines. 2015-2016, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
  • Participation in the brainstorm as artist for the companies Russian Railway and mobile company MTS. 2015-2016, Moscow, Russia.
  • Private teacher of art.
  • Consultation of all related to the visual image.

My education:

  • 2008-2014 — I.E.Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture . MA in Architecture. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • 2004-2007 — B.V.Ioganson St. Petersburg State Academic Lyceum. Major: Architecture. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • 1999-2004 — Art School. Siberia, Kemerovo, Russia
  • 1997-2004 — Humanitarian Gymnasium 41. Class: History. Siberia, Kemerovo, Russia
  • 1995-1997- Experimental school class with in-depth study of computer science, art and physical training.


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About photos on the website:

Thanks to photographers: Evgeny Hmelev, Lyubov Burakova, Mikhail Sedykh, Radmila Sazhina, Masher Ignatova

О фотографиях на сайте:

Спасибо фотографам: Евгений Хмелев, Любовь Буракова, Михаил Седых, Радмила Сажина, Мария Игнатова

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